Fast food on The Farm Report? On this week's episode, Erin Fairbanks is joined in the studio by Joshua Brau of Chipotle to talk about 'Food with Integrity'. Tune in to learn about the restaurant chain's stance on GMO crops, and how they are working to remove them from their menu. Why did founder and CEO Steve Ells decide to source his pork sustainably? Find out how availability and price dictate the amount of organic beans and vegetables that Chipotle can purchase. Find out how the consistency of certain products proves to be a problem for an alternative fast food company like Chipotle. What is Chipotle's stance on animal genetics? Find out on this week's episode of The Farm Report! Thanks to our sponsor S. Wallace Edwards & Sons, and thanks to Pamela Royal for today's musical break.

"90% of the corn produced in this country is a GMO crop." [8:05]

"If we can't find pork that was raised without sub-therapeutic antibiotics and in humane conditions, we just won't serve pork." [11:55]

"Fast food is an important component of the food landscape, and I don't think it's going anywhere... We're proving that fast food can be cooked in the restaurant, and that you can use good ingredients." [25:10]
-- Joshua Brau on The Farm Report