Welcome to the first of many lobster-themed episodes of The Farm Report! Erin Fairbanks begins the episode by calling Marianne Lacroix, the Executive Director of the Maine Lobster Council. Hear how lobster powers local economies in Maine, and how different parts of the crustacean are processed and placed in the market for restaurants and retailers. How can you be sure that the lobster you are eating is a genuine Maine lobster? Learn more about the nutritional considerations of eating lobster, and different ways to prepare lobster at home. Later, Erin checks in with Dr. Robert Bayer of The Lobster Institute. Hear Dr. Bayer discuss lobster fishing practices, and why Maine lobster fisheries have a focus in sustainability. Hear how lobster byproducts are being repurposed, and why The Lobster Institute values education for school-aged youths. This program has been sponsored by Underground Meats. Today's break music was a track by Mohegan Son taken from the Pasta Move EP.

"If you eat lobster straight-up, it's low in fat, calories, and cholesterol. There's kind of a misconception about lobster and health because it's so often associated with butter and mayonnaise." [10:50]

-- Marianne Lacroix on The Farm Report