Learn about the Maine blueberry industry on this week's episode of The Farm Report with Professor David Yarborough! Erin Fairbanks chats with David via the phone lines to discuss the differences between wild and cultivated varieties of blueberries. Tune in to learn how Maine growers manage pests and weeds, and how the former glacial landscape shaped Maine into a prime blueberry-growing region. What types of technologies are used to harvest blueberries? Find out how integrated fields with genetically-diverse berries prevent against blight and crop failure. Hear how exports from other countries affect the Maine growers' incomes, and why the blueberry's nutritional benefits and antioxidants have made it a leading seller for farmers. Don't miss this week's fascinating berry-filled episode of The Farm Report! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market. Today's break music was provided by The Hollows.

"Blueberries do very well at a low pH. Not many weeds do well at a low pH, so we're adding sulphur to the soil. So basically, the blueberries have an advantage over the weeds." [14:20]

-- Prof. David Yarborough on The Farm Report