This week on The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks gets hyper-local with Ben Flanner of the Brooklyn Grange! The Brooklyn Grange hosts two rooftop farms in Queens and Brooklyn and produces vegetables for local markets. Tune in to hear Ben discuss what he learned from his third growing season at the Grange. How do the physical constraints of rooftop farms dictate how and what urban growers can produce? Later, hear Erin and Ben talk about the future of urban agriculture, and how Bill de Blasio's election could change the food landscape. What does Ben hope the new administration will offer to the food movement? Tune into this episode of The Farm Report to find out! Thanks to our sponsor, White Oak Pastures. Music has been provided by Sleepies.


"Land is always our constraint... Our constant challenge is to grow a super high quality product within the space of a roof." [10:00]

"I think there's a lack of a community hub in our area and time... we're hoping to fill a little bit of that void." [21:15]

-- Ben Flanner on The Farm Report