In this episode of The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks brings in guest Shirley Richardson. Shirley started Vermont Chevon when she saw a window of opportunity to compete with the millions of pounds of goat meat that are imported into the US every year. Erin also speaks with Matt Birong, Chef and owner of the Three Squares Cafe in Vergennes, VT, and the three discuss why Matt has enjoyed using Shirley's goats in his restaurant. This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch. Music provided by Idgy Dean.


"About 80% of the goats born on a dairy farm every year are considered a waste product." [05:45]

-- Shirley Richardson on The Farm Report

"Consistency is key. You want to know what you're getting without it being a crapshoot every time." [18:55]

-- Matt Birong on The Farm Report