This week on The Farm Report, Erin calls Mike Fedison, the Assistant Manager at Hilltop Hanover Farm in Westchester County. Mike's farm participates in multiple educational programs with high school and college students which helps promote and preserve agriculture in the Westchester area. Later, Mike shares with us his feelings about running a farm on your own vs being part of a larger team. This program has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery. Today's music provided by Idgy Dean.


"There's a lot of advantages to being part of a larger organization - I'm interested in education and teaching as well, so I can do that, whereas when I was on my own little farm there just weren't any hours left in the day for that." [21:35]

"The idea behind is all these classes is maybe you can shortcut your way to experience and you can get to the point where you're understanding a little more about the progressions of the seasons and some of the bigger picture things a little bit quicker than if you just leap right in to things. " [23:45]

Mike Fedison on The Farm Report.