Today on The Farm Report, Erin interviews Richard McCarthy from Slow Food USA about the Slow Meat conference that Slow Food is having at the University of Denver this summer. After the break, Erin brings in Joe Maxwell of the Humane Society to further discuss the goals of Slow Meat and some of the biggest issues it will address. Tune in for the whole interview! This program has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures. Today's music provided by Pamela Royal.

"Meat is a divisive issue. When I think of the last 20 years of my work in food, there was a sense of discovery among many of us coming to food issues from a variety of backgrounds and there was a great deal of learning that has occurred." [5:40]

--Richard McCarthy on The Farm Report

"As a country, we just can't afford the cost of this cheap food and cheap meat." [23:05]

--Joe Maxwell on The Farm Report