This week on The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks is getting in the spirit of the holidays! Talking to Louis DeLucia of NYC Trees she gets the scoop all on their Christmas tree ordering and delivery service that boasts local trees. Native New Yorkers, business partners, and brothers, Harold and Louis DeLucia are also experts in providing access to farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh-cut flowers from their family farm as well as neighboring family farms to various areas across the city. Through these relationships, Louis explains that they saw an opportunity to support neighboring Christmas tree farms, by providing their city customers with homegrown Fraser Firs. After seeing the numerous tree stalls that pop up during the holidays stocked with second-grade trees usually farmed in Canada or the Carolinas, the brothers recognized the need for local, quality Christmas trees at an affordable price. NYC Trees eliminates the hassle of Christmas tree shopping in New York City. Louis goes on to chat with Erin about the importance of sourcing local business, maintaining the trees' farmland, and how NYC Trees is giving back this holiday season. Tune in for a seasonally appropriate and important episode! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"It was my brother's vision and I was against it, I didn't see it going anywhere. It has really mushroomed and... people appreciate the convenience and the service to get the Christmas tree up three or four flights of stairs in the service elevator on time." [5:58]

"So you want a tree that smells good, that looks full, and has a great needle retention, and just by coincidence, most of the local farms raise Fraser Firs in New Jersey." [6:56]

--Louis DeLucia on The Farm Report