Ever wondered how chia seeds really grow? On The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks gets the scoop from guest John Foss, Founder and CEO of The Chia Co. The Chia Co. is an Australian company specializing in the sustainable farming and development of Chia Seed and Chia Products. John relays to Erin how in 2003, he made the courageous decision to walk away from his highly successful wheat farm and focus on changing the way the world eats. As a commodity wheat farmer, John had found himself becoming increasingly disenchanted, watching as his healthy grains were processed and added to highly refined, sugary breakfast foods. He explains that while chia is little known, the tiny seed offers the world's highest plant-based levels of omega-3, dietary fiber and protein, alongside a host of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Taking Erin through the basics of growing and producing chia and the thinking behind its sustainable farming just before and after the break, John relates how his little idea gradually expanded into a global focus. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"I became very frustrated with the lack of connection between what we were doing on the farm and the consumers eating the food." [2:30]

"We sun ripen. We never apply chemical to the crop... The way it's grown is the way it's eaten." [13:55]

"It's about making a difference and growing the best quality [chia] over the long run." [25:55]

--John Foss on The Farm Report