This week on a brand-new, jam-packed episode of The Farm Report host Erin Fairbanks kicks off the show chatting about the recently released Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover and its quaint farm setting before delving into a discussion with Julie Gouldener of Food & Water Watch, a non-governmental organization and consumer rights group which focuses on corporate and government accountability relating to food, water, and fishing. Julie takes listeners through some timely food legislation moving through both the house and senate to keep an eye on, known as the Bay Tax Equity Act and the Farmers' Rights Act. Erin also speaks with Erica Dorn, a consultant for the Food + Enterprise Summit 2015, to highlight what attendees can expect to learn from the upcoming summit as well as her experiences working with community supported agriculture programs (CSAs). Wen-Jay Ying, the Program Director and Founder of Local Roots NYC, a mission driven organization that creates a local food culture through an alternative CSA model is also brought into the conversation with both guests sharing details about their CSA experiences. Erin gets Erica and Wen-Jay's thoughts on growing a business, how to divvy up time spent working on your business, plus how they manage their least favorite tasks and making work more efficient. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"[The Farmers' Rights Act] is meant to bring some equity and some balance into a system that we view as pretty broken, which is the poultry industry on the Eastern shore. I'm talking about the handful of large institutions like Perdue, not the small family farmers or contact farmers that work with them." [4:30]

--Julie Gouldener on The Farm Report