This week on a brand new The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks kicks off the show welcoming Sara Brito, Executive Director Chef's Collaborative to the show talking details of the upcoming Meat Matters event. Erin then welcomes Rodney Dow of Glynwood Farm and President and CEO of The Dow Corporation, to the program talking about honey bees. From his informative upbringing to explaining the basics about honey bee hive maintenance, Rodney relates the importance of apprenticing first before totally delving into beekeeping. Throughout the interview, Rodney shares a strong appreciation of honey bees' role in the world with fascinating tips from ideal hive location to necessary equipment, disease control, plus a breakdown of bee activity by season. Looking to get into beekeeping? Check out workshops led by Rodney all about bee related topics. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"Unfortunately people talk about bees and they categorize everything which is hornets and wasps into calling them bees. Bees are nectar collectors. When they are outside the hive they have no interest in stinging you." [10:50]

"It's about the bees, not about how much hone you get out of them." [32:50]

"Working with bees is life long passion because you can always learn something new." [33:40]

"Honey is the only natural food that never spoils!" [40:45]

--Rodney Dow on The Farm Report