This week's episode of The Farm Report comes to you on the road as host Erin Fairbanks is in Denver, Colorado attending the Slow Meat 2015 symposium and fair taking place through June 6. Giving listeners insider tidbits from the gathering, Erin lays out the dense schedule of throughout the weekend and what she's looking to gain from being in attendance. Look out for recordings of the discussions and panels coming soon to Heritage Radio Network's homepage! In the second half of the show, Erin speaks with Vera Chang of Shelburne Farms in Vermont about summer happenings on their campus and how easy it is to get in touch with your food while on the farm for a visit. This program was brought to you by

"What are the next steps? Really identifying where critical control points and what we can do to affect change in creating a space for meat that is more environmentally sound and is more delicious, and of course more humane." [7:20]

"When we think about meat, what I keep coming back to is: what are we willing to give up... and what do we get when we take a step in the right direction of a more just meat system." [10:30]

--Erin Fairbanks on The Farm Report