After the Shelton Brothers' festival in Buffalo, Jimmy debriefs with Joel Shelton and BR Royla of Shelton Brothers; Amber Watts and Ron Extract of Garden Path Fermentation; Casey Wellman of Brouwerij De Ranke; Xavier Bailleux of Au Baron; Stefano Marin of Casa Bruja; Pete Lengel-Fushimi of KCBC; and Miguel Rivas, The Beer Trekker. Hear them talk about the beer scene in South America, the philosophy of the festival, using a local malt source, Belgian beer culture, their thoughts on saison, and the history of the festival's venue in Buffalo.

Beer List:
Casa Bruja's Diez Manos
De Ranke's Simplex
De Ranke's Vieille Provision
Garden Path Fermentation's The Subtle Blend Raspberry Barrels
Garden Path Fermentation's The Dry Hopped Streams Well
KCBC's Polkageist

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