On today’s THE FOOD SEEN, Jeff Gordinier, New York Times Dining Section staff writer, waxes poetic about food, searching for sandwiches with Keanu Reeves, learning cooking techniques from Jacques Pepin, holding court with Adam Gopnik in a banquet at Le Grenouille lamenting the days of great French dining, and reviving the classic Tournedos Rossini at the hands of master chef Andre Soltner, and talks about the revamped menus changes at wd~50 and Eleven Madison Park. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


“I’m interested mostly in creative people – their process, their personality and what drives them. Frankly – the crazier, the better!”

“There’s a certain pirate-like wildness that’s valued and accepted [in the food world.]”

“Poets, in some ways, get at the essence of what the eating experience is about.”

“I think we’ve seen a new wave of journalism in the past decade with blogs. I don’t always agree with or subscribe to the level of bitterness or bickering that happens on them, but nevertheless they are fun to read.”

–writer/journalist Jeff Gordinier on The Food Seen