On today's THE FOOD SEEN, wilderness man Steven Rinella, hunts to live. Raised in the woods of Northern Michigan, Steven began fishing at 3, shot hist first squirrel at 10, and started commercially trapping muskrats as a preteen. In his new book, Meat Eater, Steven explores people's long history as predators, and how the modern hunter's role is perceived in America. This episode has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.


"This whole way of life is fading. It's getting harder and harder to go bang on someone's door and ask, 'Hey, can I hunt on your property?' People have one hundred reasons to not let you." [5:00]

"Trapping muskrats so that some woman in Italy, who I will never meet, can have a fur coat didn't mean as much to me as hunting deer that I would use to feed myself." [7:30]

"One of the things that allowed humans to be one of the most widely distributed species on this earth is that we were able to go to really cold environments and be able to make a living killing meat. [24:05]

-- Steven Rinella on THE FOOD SEEN