On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Scott Heimendinger, aka The Seattle Food Geek, brings the schools of science and cooking together via Modernist Cuisine at Home, a cookbook that will change the way you think about food. For Scott, a scientific background (IBM, Microsoft) combined with the chance encounter of a slow-poached sous-vide egg at Maria Hines' Tilth restaurant, emulsified his past skill set with kitchen intrigue, guiding him to his latest job as, Director of Applied Research for Modernist Cuisine at The Cooking Lab. From the must have countertop tools and conventional cooking gear, to stocking up on a "Modernist" pantry, this episode will give you all the insight into the wonders of Wondra flour, how to fry the best chicken wings, making the meltiest cheese with sodium citrate, and will still have you craving for more of the over 400 recipes! This episode has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

"It can't be right because somebody said so or because that's how its' always been don.e The numbers need to add up and the equation needs to be balanced. Being a scientist of any kind can make you more rigorous as a cook." [10:00]

"It turns out that teaspoons and tablespoons are not very precise!" [24:00]

"There's no reason to think informal food deserves any less treatment than formal foods. We have an entire chapter on chicken wings in Modernist Cuisine at Home." [34:00]

-- Scott Heimendinger on THE FOOD SEEN