On the last THE FOOD SEEN of 2012, we welcome Todd Selby in our place. Best know for his blog, theselby.com, in which the photographer takes portraits in personal spaces, now has a tasty extension into the food world. His book, "Edible Selby" follows chefs like Chad Roberston of Tartine in SF, Susumu Kakinuma-San's Neapolitan pizza in Tokyo, and Christophe Vasseur's bakery Du Pain Et Des Idées in Paris, documenting their cooking lives. Found out how Todd learned to navigate the culinary scene, what he eats around the world, and the mountain man miso soup dish he cooks at home. This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"I think there's a big cross over between fashion and food because they have so much to do with aesthetics at a certain level." [21:10]

"It's not about pure luxury... fine dining is now about re-defining what it is to be a restaurant, and challenging you and themselves. And that's what is exciting to me." [30:50]

-- Todd Selby on THE FOOD SEEN