We're handed the "Keys to the Kitchen", the first cookbook written by Aida Mollenkamp on today's THE FOOD SEEN. It's subtitle, "The Essential Reference for Becoming a More Accomplished, Adventurous Cook" allows Aida to guide you through all the steps, the how-to's, recipes and riffs, that make cooking like a pro seem attainable. It's like attending an eclectic west coast version of Paris' Le Cordon Bleu (where Aida honed her skills). From her time at CHOW to hosting shows on the Food Network and Cooking Channel, let Aida take you from kitchen crash course to cooking off the cuff. This episode has been sponsored by Catskill Provisions.


"There are a lot of people who know how to eat well, but don't necessarily know how to reproduce it themselves." [3:00]

"You eat three times a day - you might as well make it interesting. Every time you go to a store of pick up a menu you have an opportunity to try something you've never had before. There are endless opportunities!" [12:00]

-- Aida Mollenkamp on THE FOOD SEEN