Hear how a nasty cold in the early aughts became catalyst to a multimillion dollar raw foods company on today's installment of THE FOOD SEEN. BluePrintCleanse's founder Zoe Sakoutis and co-founder Erica Huss, join us in studio to raise a glass of what Food & Wine called the "cleanse for foodies". When a friend's suggested 7-day cleanse felt long and agonizing, it begot a green elixir with over 6lbs of roughage in every bottle. Broken down to an essential 3-days of delicious cold-pressed organic fruit and vegetables juices, as well as nut milks, all packed with vitamins and antioxidants, a cleanse no longer feels like a task, but a way of life. It even makes you ask, have you cleansed lately? This episode has been sponsored by Rolling Press.


"You're putting all of these vitamins and nutrients in your body, and whatever else comes along with them... If you're doing a cleanse, you want to make sure it's organic so you're not drinking any pesticides or herbicides." [12:00]

"Making it as healthy as possible, and making sure that it tasted good- it was very important to us." [23:15]

-- Zoe Sakoutis on THE FOOD SEEN