We ask Iron Chef Jose Garces about who makes the best pork on today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN. In his most recent cookbook, The Latin Road Home, Jose takes us on a trip through his culinary lineage. An Ecuadorian who grew up in Chicago, Garces was constantly exposed to the flavors of his heritage: crispy pork, mote (hominy), ceviche, and Llapingacho (potato patties with cheese), which made him hunger for more. Now with over 15 restaurants in Philadelphia ranging from Andalusian tapas (Amada), Basque region wine bar (Tinto), Mexico City fare (Distrito), European-style cafe and gourmet market (Garces Trading Co.), as well as Classic American (Whiskey Village), Jose reflects on his past inspirations, sharing the recipes discovered through family and travel. This program has been brought to you by Fairway Market.


"Latin to me means, more or less, the language. It's not necessarily the place, but the feeling or the dynamic of having Latin heritage." [17:20]

"If you mess up tortilla soup - you shouldn't be cooking!" [27:30]

-- Jose Garces on THE FOOD SEEN