Chef Michael Solomonov takes his birthright to heart. Born in Israel, raised in Pittsburg, it wasn't until his late teens that Michael returned to his homeland and his inner cuisine spoke to him. He didn't speak Hebrew, so he learned to bake burekas (spinach pies) innately. Eventually making way to Philly, Michael opened Zahav restaurant, his ode to modern Israeli food. Plentiful of hummus, mezzes, and kebabs, all inclusive of the "Mesibah" (Party Time), which highlights a whole roast lamb shoulder, grilled over coals, braised in pomegranate juice, and served with crispy Persian rice. Michael finally found a way to celebrate his place in the world. Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods.


"In Israel, you could go to the store and buy beer whenever you wanted- it really wasn't a big deal. And staying up and eating is a big deal." [9:45]

"We want the menu and experience at Zahav to be sort of living and breathing, and when you start getting absolute, it doesn't work out as well." [25:15]

-- Mike Solomonov on THE FOOD SEEN