On today's THE FOOD SEEN, we go Dutch with Yvette Van Boven, an artist/illustrator who owns the cafe and catering service, Aan De Amstel, in Amsterdam, and produces the playful Home Made cookbooks. Yvette's here to dispel any idea that the Netherlands are nothing more than herring and Heineken. Get ready for some bitterballen and Beerenburg! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market, and thanks to Cookies for THE FOOD SEEN theme music.


"We keep a small menu (at Aan De Amstel) because we don't want to have a lot of waste, and we also want to be able to change the menu whenever we want to." [19:45]

"I never imagined these cookbooks to be as big of an adventure as they have been- I just made them for me." [21:25]

-- Yvette Van Boven on THE FOOD SEEN