This week on THE FOOD SEEN, we're lucky enough to be joined by Sarah Suzuki, curator of the Dieter Roth exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), "Wait, Later This Will Be Nothing: Editions by Dieter Roth". From "Literaturwurst"(sausages made of books), passing cheese through a printing press, to Roth's "P.O.TH.A.A.VFB" (Portrait of an Artist As A Bird Food Bust) chocolate sculptings ... this show will have you hunger for more ... book sausage. Hurry up as the show's only up until JUNE 24th! This program has been brought to you by Fairyway Market. Thanks to Cookies for today's music.


"Roth really embraced this idea that once an object was made, it would go out into the world and have a life of its own." [17:50]

-- Sarah Suzuki on THE FOOD SEEN