Russian expat Olga Massov, left the world of finance to pursue the dream of becoming of a food writer. Her blog, documents the Americana eats from her New England upbringing to her first collaborative cookbook all about Korean kimchi. Olga's energy and enthusiam has her in the midst of many an exciting projects from celebrity chefs like Marc Forgione, Marc Murphy, and artisan ice cream makers Van Leeuwen. Tune into this week's installment of THE FOOD SEEN! This program has been sponsored by Consider Bardwell. Thanks to Cookies for today's music!


"Every culture has its own pickle because every culture had to figure out how to preserve things. There was no refrigeration!" [6:50]

"While everyone else in the country was struggling to pay their bills, the people on Wall St. were complaining that they weren't getting a big enough bonus." [11:45]

-- OIga Massov on THE FOOD SEEN