The rousing bi-annual food magazine,Gather Journal, already has a resounding sense of style. Using such themes as FLOAT, TRACES, and ROUGH CUT in their first few issues, editor Fiorella Valdesolo and creative director Michele Outland, explore narrative ideas like a sense of weightlessness, familiar family memories, and summer movie spectaculars. No wonder they won the 2013 James Beard Foundation Award in Visual Storytelling and two Society of Publication Designers Gold Medals. And then there's the spirited food, from Gazpacho Water to ile Flottante, Squid Ink Pasta to Mexican Wedding Cookies, and Seafood Chum to Slashed Black and Blueberry Pie. Storied recipes this good can best be described by Alfred Hitchcock: "What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out". This program has been brought to you by Brooklyn Slate. Music by Cookies.


"We always thought that each issue was going to be based on a word that would drive the theme in many different directions- but we wanted that word to be loose." [5:00]

-- Fiorella Valdesolo on THE FOOD SEEN

"I was very interested in pushing the visuals in a way that hasn't necessarily been done in food photography." [6:00]

-- Michele Outland on THE FOOD SEEN