On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Diane Mott Davidson, the Agatha Christie of the food world, talks about her 17th book in her long-standing series of culinary mystery novels. The sleuthy protagonist, Goldy Schulz, a small town caterer, cooks her way through her friend's murder investigation. Diane's latest book The Whole Enchilada, proves to be another tasty thriller, which includes recipes for the titular Enchilada Suizas, Goldy's Chef Salad, Spicy Brownies and more ... but watch out, once you read one, you'll want to read all Goldy's whodunnit kitchen adventures. This program has been sponsored by Brooklyn Slate.

"Think of writing as exercise. It's important to exercise every day, and it's important to write every day." [9:55]

-- Diane Mott Davidson on The Food Seen