On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN- VJ (video journalist) Katie Quinn of NowThis News, the first mobile news company bringing the best videos, bites to an ever-changing audience of social media. From Katie's start as a NBC page to interviewing chefs like Thomas Keller, Mario Batali, and Ina Garten backstage at The Today Show. Hear about her first foray in food writing as an intern for Serious Eats where she once wrote a piece about host Michael Harlan Turkell (he better get on those projections/promises). Katie's always been at the forefront of food media. And without further adieu, NOWTHIS NEWS! This program has been sponsored by MOOD Magazine. Music by Cookies.

"Serious Eats really gave me a community of people who love talking about food and writing about food... And it wasn't just a community- it was an outlet." [13:45]

"In this format, the news has to be the freshest because that's all that will fit in fifteen seconds." [21:25]

-- Katie Quinn on THE FOOD SEEN