On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Nathan Myhrvold has always been ambitious, cooking his family a full Thanksgiving dinner at the age of 9, graduating high school at 14, two Masters degrees and a PHD in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at 23 from Princeton, and postdoctoral cosmology work at the University of Cambridge with Stephen Hawking for more than a brief history of time. But there was something about that cooking process that stuck with him, even through his years at Microsoft as Chief Technology Officer. He asked Bill Gates for a leave of absence to attend cooking school in France, but first he had to stagé at a restaurant 1 day/wk for 2 years to get in. He did that. And kept cooking. And kept questioning why we cooked the way we do. The Cooking Lab was then founded, a place where he could experiment with new techniques, equipment, and ideas ... so he wrote a book called "Modernist Cuisine", a 5 volume, 2000 plus page, 40 lb tome. And if that wasn't enough, he released an "At Home" compendium. And now, "The Photography of Modernist Cuisine" version. But all of this knowledge this just piqued more interest, and made Nathan ask, "why not". That's where we are today. Of all that we understand about the ever expanding universe, we are still a society of convention when it comes to food. Nathan thinks there's much more to explore. Just see for yourself! This program has been sponsored by Blueprint.


"We wanted to show people a vision of food they had never seen before." [39:25]

"Any dish is worthy of your attention, and is worthy of considering at the ultimate level." [62:45]

-- Nathan Myhrvold on The Food Seen