On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Per Anders & Lotta Jorgensen produce Fool Magazine, named "Best Food Magazine in the World" by the Gourmand Awards, as a way to display new perspectives in "food photography", and bring light to the unseen stories of our global gastronomy.

With the release of #4 The Italian Issue, they explore the purity of regional cooking on mainland Italy with Massimo Bottura in Modena, it's affinity in Nordic cuisine at Copenhagen's Relae with Christian Puglisi, and it's genealogy in a Brooklyn backyard with Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta's Pizza. Today's program has been sponsored by Rolling Press. Music by Cookies.


"Italian food is based on the produce of the region... it's beautiful; it's been that way for thousands of years." [10:40]

"It's hard to be unique in a world that's so global because of the Internet, but it comes down to talent." [26:35]

-- Lotta Jorgenson on THE FOOD SEEN

"You have to go to a place like Sardinia and go back in time to see the future. Chefs are making cheese because they've always made it." [30:45]

-- Per Anders on THE FOOD SEEN