On today's THE FOOD SEEN, curator Brett Littman, after a 37 course, 6+ hour meal at elBulli in Roses, Spain, took a chance and sent chef Ferran Adriá an email, inquiring whether or not he drew. A few weeks later, a response ... and now after more than two years of sorting through decades of archives, The Drawing Center (NYC) is proud to present "Notes on Creativity", a show about thought process and analytical evolution, raising the question, can a chef be an "artist"? Let's see what 1846 original dishes, without copying, or just one, like the Spanish Tortilla, have to say about what's considered culinary "art". Thanks to our sponsor, The International Culinary Center.


"I go to a lot of museums and galleries, and Ferran's drawings really stand up to a lot that I see. They're not far off from the general aesthetic." [29:10]

"Since the beginning, Ferran has been all about sharing." [43:15]

-- Brett Littman on The Food Seen