On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Jane Coxwell's wanderlust landed her first job as a chef cooking on the world's largest yacht. Now chef for Diane Von Furstenburg and Barry Diller, she sails the Eos through the world's culinary ports, exploring cuisine through direct experiences with natives. Lucky for us, she turned her travel diary into a cookbook; Fresh Tasty Happy. On the menu: Bircher muesli for breakfast, DVF's favorite lentil soup, Vietnamese beef salad with rice noodles and avocado, a pale ale and shiitake pasta, South African pickled fish, Cape Malay lamb curry, and a cooling mint and garlic "haydari" yogurt sauce from Turkey. Get ready to get to visit foreign lands and get your hands dirty, through cooking (and eating) delicious food that is. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


"It's amazing the little things you can throw into a dish to get a little depth." [29:20]

"I maintain myself with pizza. I mean, the food in New York is so good!" [38:00]

Jane Coxwell on The Food Seen