On today's THE FOOD SEEN, we're invited into the world of The Heath, the restaurant within The McKittrick Hotel, home of production company Punchdrunk's "Sleep No More", an avant-garde interactive play. To pair with such a performance, Chef R.L. King immerses himself in the scene; hazily lit, with jazz in the air, reminiscent of the dining room from The Shining, but instead of Lloyd (the bartender), there are elegantly dressed hosts elegantly dressed in white, there to serve you with glimmering prosperity, like a flashback to the Roaring Twenties. The food is more pubby, with British influnece seen in meat pies and an extensive pickle program. R.L.'s Low Country roots find their way in too, as a benne seed crust a cod. We're also joined by Cesar Hawas, Special Envoy of The McKittrick Hotel, who helps let this fantasy shine. Just know, a clause on the menu reads that "intense physiological interactions" may occur, so bring your appetite for intrigue. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"I had to leave the ego behind -..it was a challenge in the beginning but ultimately the most freeing thing in the world." [07:00]

R.L. King on The Food Seen