On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Jody Williams has single-handedly revived a fading bistro culture with her West Village outpost of Buvette. But how did an American open a French gastrotheque and wine bar in NYC, only to be courted by the French and export said concept back to Paris, after years of cooking in small Italian restaurants? In her new cookbook, "Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food", Jody best explains her passion for sharing great meals, staying open all day, and making the very best versions of the classics (e.g. croque monsieur, duck confit, and a tart tatin which always sits at the end of the bar like an invitation to sit down). This is one of the ages. Today's program was brought to you by Tekserve

"10-15 years ago - mozzarella was exotic on certain tables. We've certainly made some advances where now we have all these ingredients at our fingertips." [08:00]

"We have one rule - do what you love. It's that drive that keeps it really fresh. I love classics but it's meant to be fun - that's why you find lots of highs and lows on the menus." [25:00]

--Jody Williams on The Food Seen