On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we raise a glass with Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen on YouTube. In a mere few years, Hannah’s YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers, who patiently wait for Thursdays, when a new video is released, full of adult beverages, pro-am cooking, and childish shenanigans. A fateful night of cat sitting, a bottle of red wine, and an attempt to make grilled cheese, all caught on camera, lead to Hannah’s internet celebrity fame. Her unlikely odyssey is now highlighted in My Drunk Kitchen: The Cookbook. Learn how to make The Hartwich, a Can Bake, Latke Shotkes, PB&J&PC, Scotch Eggs, Tiny Sandwiches, Saltine Nachos, Pizza Cake, Uncurrygement Curry … and of course, drink while you’re doing it. This program was brought to you by Michter’s.

“Entertainment never seemed like a viable option – it seemed so impractical! … YouTube, blessedly, was that open door.” [14:00]

“What’s so awesome about YouTube is you can make videos for your friends still and it doesn’t have to be for the goal of gaining a million subscribers. I hope people don’t lose sight of that.” [16:00]

“If I didn’t think there was a healthy separation from the me in my body and the me I was in front of somebody else, I would be a crazy person. Of course its a little played up.” [24:00]

–Hannah Hart on The Food Seen