On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, how did native New Yorker Colu Henry, turn her Italian heritage and a #hashtag into a pasta phenomenon? Colu's great grandparents came to the New World from Campania, and with them, brought a culture of cooking that still exists today in everyone's pantry, "use what you have in stock to make something delicious". After years working in PR with high-profile chef like Marcus Samuelsson, Kurt Gutenbrunner, Scott Conant, developing the Oregon Wine Board through her love of Pinot Noir, working with Kyle MacLachlan on marketing his Bordeaux-inspiried cabernet "Pursued by Bear", and becoming Director of Special Projects at Bon Appétit, it was the virtues of her Nonni that brought Colu back to #backpocketpasta, inspired by a childhood of marinara, tuna-clam sauce, meatballs with grated pecorino, braciole with pine nuts and raisins, and warm semolina sesame bread from Arthur Ave. Join in the fun, and show Colu your #backpocketpasta on Instagram:http://instagram.com/coluhenry. This program was brought to you by Bi-Rite Market.

"It's really about the people that are around the table in addition to what you're serving." [20:00]

--Colu Henry on THE FOOD SEEN