On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we have breakfast for lunch with George Weld, founder of the preeminent Egg restaurant in Brooklyn. Over a decade of scrambling eggs and flipping hash later, George reflects on it's beginnings, growth, pangs, and constant ode to country ham. Waned in Virginia and the Carolinas, and a PHD in Literature, no wonder George's Southern affect on Williamsburg's morning drawl , eventually lead to a cookbook, "Breakfast: Recipe To Wake Up For". Hear George wax poetic on the history of hash, his grandmother's outhouse turned smokehouse, and why to save your bacon fat and heat up that cast-iron skillet! This program was brought to you by The international Culinary Center.

"I want to make food that my grandmother would recognize and identify as food...I loved her and loved what I had inherited from her culturally." [20:00]

"Have a good meal, and we just hope the food speaks for itself." [24:00]

-- George Weld on THE FOOD SEEN