On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Jud Mongell & Ken Addington, are partners in Brooklyn cornerstone all day cafe Five Leaves, and it's adjacent Latin inspired bar/restaurant Nights & Weekends. Recently they're gone west, opening L.A. Chapter at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, and King's Highway in Palm Springs. How did a place on the edge of hipster Williamsburg, find manifest destiny in a Grass Fed Burger with Fried Pineapple, Pickled Beets, Harissa Mayo, and a Sunny Up Egg? Can you believe it all started on two islands, oceans apart from each other? Jud's upbringing in New Zealand, and Ken from the St. Thomas US Virgin Island, both eventually calling New York City their homes. While Ken's mom worked for the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, organizing bus tours of the borough decades before it was popular, he found himself in a Manhattan kitchen at 15 years old, working for the likes of Thomas Keller. Jud, just really wanted good strong coffee, and planned on serving Oceania fare. A bus now passes by Five Leaves every day, people get on, people get off. This reminds both Ken & Jud, that their spots are for everyone, everyday, just as a neighborhood joint should be. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"The goal was to have a friendly place. to have people walk in the door and make everybody a regular." [15:00]

"Greenpoint and Brooklyn have grown up a bit.. our customers have grown up a bit.. we want to grow up with them." [20:00]

--Ken Addington on THE FOOD SEEN