On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we ask Luke Holden and Ben Conniff of Luke’s Lobster about what makes Maine great. Yeah it’s got those pristine coastlines perfectly situated for hauling in the freshest seafood, those wild blueberries which make for the tastiest pies, but what made two guys from “Vacationland” decide to open up a little lobster shack in NYC. In their cookbook “Real Maine Food”, they travel around their home state, searching for beach clambakes, the best chowders, and whoopie pies that will make you say “ayuh”, with the rest of them Mainers. Oh, and how about you finally learn to crack that lobster the right way. This program was brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

“You don’t have to many needs other than to follow what your passion is [when you’re young], so it was a good time to take the risk.” [7:00]

“There is a balance in the system that needs to be upheld.” [9:00]

“Lobstering in Maine is an over a billion dollar business.” [10:00]

“It’s a hub for tourists and it’s a hub for locals, and it’s really neat to see those two demographics working together.” [13:00]

–Luke Holden on The Food Seen

“I didn’t get to learn to lobster when I was young, but I did get to learn what it was like to go out at dawn and watch the boats go out.” [11:00]

“The original recipe calls for bear fat, but that’s harder to get.” [19:00]

“Lobster is best at it’s simplest.” [29:00]

–Ben Conniff on The Food Seen