On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Jessica Koslow grew up near Los Angeles, surrounded by fresh produce and perpetual summer. It wasn’t until a stint cooking at Atlanta’s Bacchanalia, that she realized how fleeting seasons can be. When Jessica returned to California, she started Sqirl, a jam company in it’s original iteration. Using local fruits, like Gravenstein Apple, Moro Blood Oranges, Wild Boysenberries, and Blenheim Apricot, she began to grow organically as a business in East Hollywood’s Silver Lake, eventually serving breakfast rice bowls with sorrel pesto and lacto-fermented hot sauce, as well as the now famed ricotta toast. From 8AM-4PM everyday, Sqirl feeds LA in a way it’s never been fed before, with a creative conscience, and a taste for preserving the future … come Sqirl away with us!