On THE FOOD SEEN today, Yael Raviv, director of the Umami Food and Art Festival, is joined by the event's curator, Ame Gilbert, and participating artist Terri Hanlon, as they ready themselves for Edible Architecture: Umami 2011 Gala Event on Monday, March 28th, a fundraiser to support future Umami projects.

"The Umami Food and Art Festival, was created in 2008 as a non-profit biennale event. It offers a meeting ground to people who use food as a medium and who present their audience with a multi-sensory experience in the dining room, or gallery space. The festival's objective is to open avenues of collaboration between these artists and culinary professionals and expose them to new audiences from both the art and the culinary worlds. Choosing food as a common thread allows Umami to present new ways to look at art and to integrate art into daily life. Umami offers an environment for non-commercial, time-based art and encourages artists who work with non-traditional mediums and forms."