On today’s THE FOOD SEEN, H. Alexander Talbot, half of the cherished blog Ideas in Food, a culinary consulting business (with Aki Kamozawa), that shares catered skillsets for creativity with chefs. It started as a digital notebook to record their work restaurant kitchens. What it’s become is a starting point for many culinary round tables; how to concept an idea and give it the structure and clarity it needs. As seen in their book, IDEAS IN FOOD, they cultivate thought through classic techniques and innovative approaches … cook inquisitively and eat inspired. This episode is sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

“I think language often guides, or misguides us, in the development of ideas. So someone that does a ‘deconstructed’ clam chowder, I suppose it’s more ‘analyzed’ clam chowder. . . Its still clam chowder, it’s just your version of it.”

–Alexander Talbot on The Food Seen