On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Mindy Fox, cookbook author and food editor at La Cucina Italiana magazine, takes a life trip through American suburbs, to Paris and back, begins cooking professionally, meets Julia Child, returns to publishing, co-authors cookbooks with chefs Sara Jenkins and Karen Demasco, writes her own, A Bird in the Oven and Then Some: 20 Ways to Roast the Perfect Chicken Plus 80 Delectable Recipes, which lands on the New York Times Best Cookbooks for the Year in 2010, and recently releases her follow up, Salads: Beyond the Bowl: Extraordinary Recipes for Everyday Eating, and she's hungry for more! This episode has been brought to you by Whole Foods.

"The way you cut a vegetable- such as endive- if you cut it thinner, it tastes one way, and if it's thicker, it tastes another way."

"With this book, I hope to inspire people to eat more salad and better salad because it really is a satisfying dish." --Mindy Fox on THE FOOD SEEN