On today's show, Jacqueline grills Ben and their guests, Jonathan Wiener and Joel Ruben Ganz, about the challenges of being a professional actor in your thirties, and the strain it puts on all sorts of relationships. How do you commit when you'll cross the country for months for a good gig? How do the fluctuations of artistic fulfillment (and their often pathetic paychecks) affect confidence in dating? What sacrifices to personal relationships are made for the sake of art? And how does all this affect their jobs as waiters and bartenders over the years?

Then, after the break, she picks their brains about all things manly, like how their body parts work and how they define true sexual intimacy.

love bites 03 07 16

"You don't want to get stuck doing what you don't want to do just to pay the bills." [5:20] – Jonathan Wiener

"The nature of our work is one of constant self-examination and evaluation." [10:30] – Joel Ruben Ganz