Imagine the warmth of Grandma's cooking transported into an animated quick service setting. Over the past three years - this is the idea that chef Mark Ladner has been researching and he's finally ready to introduce it to the world. On a very special episode of The Main Course, host Patrick Martins chats with Mark Ladner about his quick-service gluten-free pasta restaurant, which he's calling Pasta Flyer. Mark is launching a Kickstarter to fund the project, and on The Main Course he's giving listeners an inside look at his plans for Pasta Flyer. Tune in and find out why he's decided to make the pasta gluten-free, what inspired him to explore quick service restaurant concepts and how he plans to execute this idea. Today's program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"Our goal is to have a steaming bowl of pasta in your hands in three minutes." [20:00]

"It's about trying to make food that's healthful for young people, people on the go and families that utilized fresh healthy ingredients that weren't over processed. It's not like we're trying to open 1,000 units - we still want a sense of community." [22:00]

"We would never skip on the food cost because the food is what we sell." [22:00]

"We're working on keeping standards high with food that travels." [27:00]

--Mark Ladner on The Main Course