This week on The Main Course, Patrick is joined by Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan of The Purple Yam & Cendrillon fame. Amy teaches listeners about food from the Philippines and how heritage meat plays a huge role in replicating the tastes and traditions of the tropical country. Learn about Ang Sariling Atin, an institute founded to teach connect the culinary heritage of the Phillipines and help develop the palates and cooking techniques of young chefs with an emphasis on "nature based" cooking. Learn why cooking with clay pots and banana leaves is so much better than aluminum pans and how the new wave of gastronomes and young chefs can re-connect with the heritage and traditions of the older generations. This episode was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons


"Food from the Philippines is based on nature" - Amy Besa on The Main Course, 12/11/11

"Do you really think putting a bunch of MSG in your adobo will make it better?" - Amy Besa on The Main Course, 12/11/11