This week on The Main Course, Patrick takes listeners to San Francisco with three very important players in the sustainable food movement out West. Hear from Shelley Lindgren, Chef David Taylor of A16 Restaurant & Kip Ramsey, farm to table coordinator of Farmstead. Find out how Bay Area dining differs from The Big Apple and discover what it takes to run a successful Southern Italian food and wine program. Sicilian wine and southern dishes may have been overlooked 20 years ago, but the team at A16 has helped dramatically change the perception of this regionally driven cuisine. This program was sponsored by Cochon555.


"As somebody once told me, the most important ingredient is often the one you leave out."

--Chef David Taylor of A16 Restaurant on The Main Course

"The hospitality you get in Italy is something we try to re-create at A16. It's our interpretation at being as authentic as you can."

"There's always more than one wine option to pair with a dish."

Shelley Lindgren of A16 Restaurant on The Main Course