This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins takes a break from food and recaps his recent honeymoon and rainforest adventure in Costa Rica. Hear about his experiences with sloths, macaws, tucans and more interesting wildlife. Hear from birdwatcher Jeff Davies about some of the interesting species in Costa Rica including the resplendent quetzal. Also tune in as Patrick chats with Alberto Solis Acosta of Costa Rica Descents, an adventure outfitter specializing in whitewater rafting. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch


"The best pineapples in the world are from Costa Rica. Brazil has more quantity, but ours are of higher quality".

"Rainy season is the best time to go rafting in Costa Rica."

--Alberto Solis Acosta of Costa Rica Descents on The Main Course

"We were lucky enough to spot a resplendent quetzal in Costa Rica!"

--birdwatcher Jeff Davies on The Main Course