Bristol Bay is our nation's last great wild salmon fishery but may soon become our largest open-pit mine. Tune in to to The Main Course as Patrick Martins hosts a discussion about the negative effects that the proposed pebble mine would have on salmon fishing in Bristol, Alaska. Find out how sport fisherman and commercial fisherman are uniting to protect Bristol Bay against potential sulfide deposits, acid mine drainage and other threats to the surrounding habitat. Hear from Bristol fisherman Christopher Nicholson, chef Corwin Kave of the Fatty Crab empire, Michael Dimin of Sea2Table and Elizabeth Dubovsky of Trout Unlimited. Learn how you can help by signing a petition to President Obama at This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"Britsol Bay is the site of the worlds greatest salmon run. Theres a tremendous threat from a conglomerate of mining companies who want to build a gigantic open pit mine right in the head waters of Bristol Bay." --Michael Dimin of Sea2Table on The Main Course

"It's rare to see commercial salmon fisherman and sport fisherman uniting over a common cause." --Elizabeth Dubovsky of Trout Unlimited on The Main Course

"The quality of product you can get at a price point you can afford to serve it as is very low...[Luckily], consumers are more educated now and are willing to pay more for something like wild salmon."--chef Corwin Kave on The Main Course