This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins is joined by Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the Founder and CEO of The International Culinary Centers in New York and California, which houses The French Culinary Institute. Hear about her experiences working closely with legends like Julia Child and Robert Mondavi and what future plans she has for her schools. Also find out what Dorothy has planned for her brand new show on Heritage Radio Network, "Chef's Story". Later in the program, hear from food editor for Sunset Magazine and author of "One Block Feast", Margo True as she discusses the process of really making food from scratch. From seed to table, Margo tells stories of beekeeping, cheesemaking, beer brewing and more! This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"I applied the total immersion educational method to cooking, which is why at the FCI the programs are 6 months long...22,000 students have been through our school!"

"Our latest dean that we announced this week is Jose Andres, and now we will have a Spanish program."

--Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder and CEO of The International Culinary Centers on The Main Course

"Back in the day hops were used to stuff pillows because it had a sedative effect!"

"Raising chickens is a breeze. Once they have feathers - they are good to go! You just have to protect them from predators."

--Margo True, author of "One Block Feast", on The Main Course