On this week's episode of The Main Course, Patrick Martins is talking with New York City's "Meat Man", Pat LaFrieda, Jr. LaFrieda Meats supplies restaurants all over New York City with high quality meat. You might know Pat for his famous burger blends, or you may recognize him from The Food Network's Meat Men. Tune in to hear Pat discuss the role of family in LaFrieda Meats, the processes behind making original burger blends, and how to train a good butcher. Hear about Pat's favorite animals to break down, the importance of good yield in butchering, and the top reasons to support your local butcher. Patrick Martins asks Pat about long-time partners such as Joe Bastianich, Danny Meyer, and Mario Batali. Tune in to this episode to learn more about the restaurant business, butchering, and Pat LaFrieda's hunting hobby. This episode has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"Back when I started with my dad, it was more about the business being our lifeline and our culture rather than it being something for profit. So if the company failed, our family failed, and growing up we were always instilled with how important family was."

"No restaurant wants to have the same burger meat as the guy next door."

"A bad butcher is someone who doesn't care about the yield."

-- Pat La Frieda, Jr. on The Main Course